La Gazette de la grande ile

Drive letter

Publié le 30 juillet 2022

La Gazette n°5787 du 23/07/22

A country will never be developed without good roads. Strangely enough the Malagasy regime is proud to have a big feasts at the beginning of a road construction project instead of celebrating the end of a road contsruction project. They keep on promising a few months away from the election, and still doing so all the while already in a campaign!

La Gazette n°5791 du 28/07/22

Simply a pure product of the current government! The choice of incompetent high level government jobs is a habit of the regime, Mrs. Rakotomanga is by no means an isolated case.

La Gazette n°5792 du 29/07/22

The Ocean is too deep for us, we are drawning. We barely survive in this life as salvation is not coming.

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